Innanzitutto sono state introdotte barre di abilitа al posto della cintura del campione originale, il che ha permesso di abbassare l'altezza minima del passeggero a cm, senza ostacolare né il agio né la visuale aperta dei rider. In fact, the Italian firm exhibited at new VR system based on the Oculus platform, applied to their popular WindstarZ attraction, along with CozmoJet ride, which features video and interactive gaming console that allows guests to shoot aliens and track their scores.

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Among these stood out Crazy Cabs: "It's a revolving attraction with four 4-seater cars, each themed as a taxi," explained Tommaso Frison, the company's commercializzazione director. Più di 1. The number of exhibitors over 1, and the net trade show floor space around 54,sq.


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