It is the international event that those who work in the entertainment business, regardless of whether they are in the Americas or in Europe or in any other continent, cannot miss if they want to understand the present and the future of the industry.

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May 19 2006

ENG Do you need to sell a ride? Efteling intends to become carbon neutral and is working towards this goal. Un autre grand maître du retailtainment est sans aucun doute Apple qui, dans ses magasins, mise beaucoup sur la combinaison shopping et utilisation du produit qui devient en soi du divertissement.

Il coaster Bolt sarà montato nella barca da crociera Mardi Gras di Carnival. La passione dei suoi titolari per il proprio mestiere è probabilmente la chiave di tanto successo. Quasi 40 aziende hanno tenuto in fiera conferenze stampa annunciando nuovi prodotti. Commesse apposta addestrate interagiscono prontamente con i clienti per capire i.

Germany: Hamburg

Specially trained shop assistants are always ready to interact with customers requiring help in defining their preferences and needs. Take Bang cookies, for example. La parti-. On the contrary, I remember that pedestrians must in fact walk on the left side of the road, so as to see oncoming vehicles. The biggest candy maker in the U. There will be a special track for the ADA vehicle and there will be a swap of the car which the other guests will not notice. Snaking in and around TMNT Shellraiser is Shredder , billed as the highest 28m and longest m freespinning coaster in the world Its 8 rotating cars reach a top speed of 57kmph facing Wild Mouse-style hairpin turns, camelbacks, an airtime hill and more. Guests will actually be able to control the speed themselselves, so no 2 rides will ever be the same.

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